This Olivetti Copia 9017 instruction manual describes the machine’s functions and system for use, the precautions to be taken to ensure safe operation, and the basic maintenance operations. Read the Olivetti Copia 9017 user manual carefully before starting to use the machine, so as to familiarize yourself with its many functions and get the best use out of them. You are advised to keep the manual for further consultation while using the photocopier.

Table content Olivetti Copia 9017 Manual
  • Before use
    Preface ~ Introduction ~ Notes on using the Instruction Book ~ Installation and operating Precautions ~ General Features ~ Basic Configuration ~ Control Panel ~ Automatic Document Feeder - ADF ~ Sorter ~ Stapler Sorter ~ Control Card / Printer Unit
  • Copying
    Start-up ~ Placement of the Original ~ Setting the Number of Copies ~ Starting and stopping a Copying Job ~ Auto Clear ~ Auto Power-off ~ Adjusting Copy Exposure ~ Using the Stack Bypass ~ Reductions and Enlargements ~ Copying Adjacent Pages on Separate Sheets ~ Copying on Special Media ~ Making Two-sided Copies
  • Paper And Toner
    Loading Copy Paper ~ Adding Toner
  • Messages
    When a Paper Jam Occurs ~ When the Paper Runs out ~ When the Toner Runs out ~ Self-diagnostic Messages ~ Control Card ~ Operator Troubleshooting ~ Routine Cleaning ~ Consumables
  • Optional Devices
    Automatic Document Feeder - ADF ~ Sorter 10 ~ Stapler Sorter 10 ~ Control Card / Printer Unit

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