The NIKON D5000 camera has countless functions that make taking photos a pleasure. It's unique, tilt and rotatable LCD monitor let you take pictures from other cameras and take pictures from any angle. For the D5000, the HD-Movie function developed by Nikon has been adopted by the D90 a breakthrough function for capturing HD movie sequences. Thanks to the extensive integrated image processing functions, the wide selection of motif programs, the 12.3 megapixel image sensor and the high sensitivity with values between ISO 200 and 3,200 (which can be extended downwards and upwards to ISO 100 and ISO 6.400 values) The shooting in different light conditions, with this camera quite simply great pictures.
This camera offers the unique image quality and technology of the high-quality Nikon models and allows the user to get to know the exceptional quality the name "Nikon" stands for, says René Rüdisühli, Product Manager at Nikon Switzerland. The D5000's tilt and rotatable LCD monitor let you take pictures from any angle, giving you a whole new perspective. The additional advantage of an HD movie function (a world premiere on the D90) is now accessible to a broader audience of users who want to take the fun of photographing, improve their skills, or replace their existing SLR with a more modern one. With a new two-year warranty on the camera housing and even three years on the kit lenses, we underline the high production quality typical of Nikon.

The Tilt and Rotate 2.7-inch LCD Monitor of the D5000 open up a whole new perspective in photography. With it, images from any angle are possible. The camera can be positioned exactly as required for your recording using the flexible monitor. Whether you are at a concert and want to take a picture of the crowd, or if you want to take a picture from the frog's perspective, you can adjust the tilting and rotating monitor so that you have a good view of your subject. Flip the monitor to preserve it, or rotate it to normal position with the normal viewfinder. You can even turn the monitor around to easily create successful self-portraits. Thanks to Nikon's ergonomic design and the downward direction of the monitor, it never gets in the way. They have the housing safely at their fingertips and can avoid camera shake. There are no limits.

When recording film sequences with an SLR camera, you can let your creativity run wild. For example, you can create a new perspective by choosing a different lens, or enhance the emotional impact of your movies through the image optimization settings. The D5000 has the HD movie feature for high-definition movies, is fully compatible with the latest TVs, and has an HDMI output for easy connection. With the Live View function, which is available with a single touch print, you can view your photo or movie sequence on the slanted and rotatable LCD monitor, and select the optimal image section. The camera offers four different types of autofocus with contrast detection (autofocus with large measuring range, with normal measuring range, with face detection and - new - with motif tracking). In the autofocus with subject tracking, the camera retains the subject as an AF target even if it leaves the image section at short notice. This way, your subject is always sharp.

With 19 creative programs, you can make great shots, even if you do not master all the tricks of digital photography. Simply turn the function dial to "SCENE", select the appropriate scene mode, and the camera will do the rest. The camera even shows a sample motif to help you select the scene mode. Also easy to use are the numerous image processing functions integrated into the camera, which allow you to edit your pictures in the camera and achieve visual effects before you transfer the images to the computer.

Apart from all these functions, the D5000 is a high-quality camera. With the high-sensitivity CMOS image sensor with an effective resolution of 12.3 megapixels, the innovative image-processing system EXPEED from Nikon, the fast and precise autofocus system with eleven measuring fields and the extremely stable, high-performance shutter, it is also perfect for users with higher photographic knowledge suitable. The image quality is also guaranteed by the image sensor cleaning mechanism, the airflow control system, active D-Lighting and Picture Control. The display options of the D5000 are not only fun, they are also extremely practical. You can see up to 72 images in the image index. In addition, a calendar is available, which sorts images by recording date and time. Genuine photo enthusiasts, the Nikon D5000 offers a histogram for a magnification of the image to facilitate the exposure control.

Thanks to Nikon's ergonomic design, the lightweight and compact camera is also handy. The new silent mode and the built-in flip-up flash, which automatically detects when a flash power is required, are located when a quiet moment is not to be disturbed. The GPS compatibility with the GP-1 receiver from Nikon allows accurate recording of the shooting location when taking pictures on the road. The HDMIA output proves to be practical when you finally want to present your great recordings before family and friends. The D5000 from Nikon is compatible with a variety of AF-S and AF-I Nikkor lenses.

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