Nikon D3000 User Manual

Nikon D3000 User ManualDownload Nikon D3000 user manual - The Nikon D3000 is a high-performance DX-format digital SLR that makes it possible to make beautiful photos with many functions, for the pleasure of photographing with ease. Nikon's Intelligent Guide mode offers the most user-friendly integrated help, allowing even the most novice to take incredible pictures. When you are not sure how to shoot, the guide mode asks you to provide information about the desired view and automatically optimizes the camera settings for the best possible results. If you want to improve yourself, the guide mode will explain how to adjust the settings yourself. The 10.2-megapixel image sensor and ultra-fast autofocus ensure sharp, detailed photos. The impressive 3-inch LCD monitor is convenient for composing and viewing photos. It also simplifies the use of the camera's built-in touch-up menu, which allows you to retouch your photos without a computer. The D3000 shows you how to take stunning photos with ease.

Easy and effective integrated help. You describe the picture you want to take, and the camera settings are automatically optimized for best results. Can be configured to show you how to adjust settings yourself, for a perfect mastery of the camera and the basic knowledge of digital SLR photography. The DTC 10.2-megapixel DX image sensor lets you capture even the smallest detail and achieve incredible sharpness. The high precision 11-point autofocus system ensures fast, accurate autofocus coverage over the entire image. The four AF area modes, including 3D tracking, produce clear results, whether your subject is off-center, moves quickly, or behaves completely unpredictable. Dual integrated anti-dust system Image sensor cleaning and airflow control systems protect the image sensor from dust, for sharp, clean photos.

The Scene Recognition System optimizes camera settings just before triggering, for stunning sharp pictures. High sensitivity to light (100-1600 ISO): automatic sensitivity adjustment function; Manually adjustable up to 3200 ISO (Hi1). Enables higher shutter speeds to significantly reduce the risk of blurring when shooting fast-moving subjects or in low light conditions. The impressive 3-inch to 230,000-pixel high-resolution LCD monitor makes it easy to view essential camera data while providing great viewing and retouching capabilities.
Part of Nikon D3000
Part of Nikon D3000 Camera Body
The continuous frame rate of 3 fps allows you to shoot fast motion scenes at 3 frames per second. With image optimization, you can customize the look and feel of your photos before shooting. Choice of six settings: Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Monochrome, Portrait and Landscape. The rich built-in retouching menu offers many options for editing and enhancing images from the camera. Enjoy a wide range of effects such as D-Lighting, Filters and the astute miniature effect, which will give your photos a miniature scale effect. Scalability of the system: compatible with many DX NIKKOR lenses, renowned for exceptional sharpness, optimal contrast, and faithful color reproduction. Optimized for NIKKOR AF-S and AF-I lenses.

Table of contents Nikon D3000 User Manual
  • Introduction
  • Basic photography and playback
  • Guide mode
  • More on photography (all modes) P,S,A and M modes
  • More on playback Connections
  • The playback menu
  • The shooting menu
  • The setup menu
  • The retouch menu
  • Recent setting
  • Technical notes
  • Troubleshooting
  • Specifications
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