TASCAM DM-24 Manual User Guide

Download TASCAM DM-24 user manual.pdf This TASCAM DM-24 User Guide owners instruction contains reference information for the Digital Mixing Console. Please be sure to read all instructions thoroughly to get the most from the Digital Mixing Console, and keep them where they will be read by all those who use the product. It gives the system and peripheral specifications, shows how to identify and solve system problems and explains the instructions procedure for maintenance troubleshooting. To prevent damage to your Digital Mixing Console product or injury to yourself or to others, read the following safety precautions in their entirety before using this equipment. Keep these safety instructions where all those who use the product will read them. The consequences that could result from failure to observe the precautions listed in this section are indicated by the following symbol.

Table content of TASCAM DM-24 Manual
  • introduction
    features ~ supplied accessories ~ about this manual ~ word clock issues
  • User interface
    Scope of controls ~ Rotary encoders (ring LEDs) ~ Fader layers ~ Machine control keys ~ Automation keys
  • System-wide options
    option screen ~ digital screen
  • Parts of the DM-24
    Top surface ~ Rear panel
  • Setting up the I/O
    Signal sources ~ Output signals ~ Patching between input and return ~ Assigning inputs to channels ~ Channel-to-buss assignments (global) ~ Output assignments ~ Assignable sends and returns ~ Master compressors
  • Hookup
    Analog connections ~ Digital connections ~ Synchronization and control connections
  • Module operations
    Selecting modules ~ Common area indicators and controls ~ Dynamics screen ~ EQ ~ Aux sends ~ Setup screen ~ Digital trim and delay (global) ~ Linked modules ~ UTILITY copying
  • Dynamics processors
    DYNAMICS (input channels 1–16) ~ (channels 17–32) ~ (master channels) ~ Dynamics diagram ~ Gates/expanders ~ Compressors ~ Preset library entries
  • Grouping
    Mute groups ~ Fader groups ~ Grouping layers
  • Monitoring
    Control room monitoring ~ Studio monitoring ~ Soloing ~ Dimming and talkback ~ Slate settings ~ Meters and faders
  • Machine Control/Location
    Selecting devices for control ~ General parameters ~ Location memories ~ External control ~ DTRS devices ~ MIDI controllers ~ MIDI faders
  • MIDI
    Bulk dumps ~ Updating the system software ~ Control Change messages to and from the DM-24
  • Library functions
    Library concepts ~ Managing library entries ~ snapshots ~ effects ~ dynamics processors
  • Surround operations
  • High sampling frequency
  • Specifications
Download TASCAM DM-24 Manual here

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