This Casio CDP-100 operation user guide describes the machine’s functions and system for use, the precautions to be taken to ensure safe operation, and the basic maintenance troubleshooting operations. Read the Casio CDP-100 user manual carefully before starting to use the machine, so as to familiarize yourself with its many functions and get the best use out of them. You are advised to keep the manual for further consultation while using the photocopier.

Table content Casio CDP-100 Manual
  • General Guide
    attachment of the score stand ~ playing back the built in demo tune
  • Power SupplyGeneral Guide
    using the AC adaptor
  • Connections
    connecting headphones ~ connecting to a damper pedal jack
  • Playing with different tones
    selecting and playing a tone ~ using tone effects ~ layering two tones
  • Other Settings
    changing the keyboard touch ~ changing the pitch of the piano to match another instrument ~ changing the piano key ~ using MIDI
  • Troubleshooting
  • Specifications
  • Operational Precautions
    locating the unit ~ care of the unit
  • MIDI Implementation Chart

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