This Service Guide provides you with all technical information relating to the basic configuration decided for Acer's global product offering. To better fit local market requirements and enhance product competitiveness, your regional office may have decided to extend the functionality of a machine (e.g. add-on card, modem, or extra memory capability). These localized features will not be covered in this generic service guide. In such cases, please contact your regional offices or the responsible personnel/channel to provide you with further technical details.

Acer Aspire 1400 Service manual contents
  • Chapter 1 System Specifications
    Features | System Block Diagram | Board Layout | Top View | Bottom View | Outlook View | Front View | Left Panel | Right Panel | Rear Panel | Bottom Panel | Indicators | Keyboard | Special keys | Touchpad | Touchpad Basics | Launch Keys | Hardware Specifications and Configurations
  • Chapter 2 System Utilities
    BIOS Setup Utility | Navigating the BIOS Setup Utility | Startup | Exit | BIOS Flash Utility | System Diagnostic Diskette
  • Chapter 3 Machine Disassembly and Replacement
    General Information | Before You Begin | Disassembly Procedure Flowchart | Removing the Memory/HDD Module | Removing the Keyboard/LCD Module | Disassembling the Main Unit | Disassembling the LCD Module-14.1 Inch | Disassembling the LCD Module-15.1 Inch | Disassembling the External Modules | Disassembling the HDD Module | Disassembling the Floppy Disk Drive Module | Disassembling the Optical Drive Module
  • Chapter 4 Troubleshooting
    System Check Procedures | External Diskette Drive Check | External CD-ROM Drive Check | Keyboard or Auxiliary Input Device Check | Memory Check | Power System Check | Touchpad Check | Power-On Self-Test (POST) Error Message | Index of Error Messages | Index of Symptom-to-FRU Error Message | Intermittent Problems Undetermined Problems
  • Chapter 5 Jumper and Connector Locations
    Top View | Bottom View
  • Chapter 6 FRU (Field Replaceable Unit)
  • Appendix A Model Definition and Configuration
  • Appendix B Test Compatible Components
  • Microsoft Windows XP (Home) Environment Test
  • Appendix C Online Support Information
  • Index

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