The Operations Manual is a living document that will change over time as new or different policies are adopted, new information is made available, and modifications of administrative procedures and proc-esses are made, as well as the inevitable correction of unintended errors. Whenever the manual is changed, a listing will be added to this summary of changed pages. The date of the manual, as indicated on the cover, will remain the same pending a major revision of the entire manual. In the case of substantive changes, the date on individual changed pages may be revised to reflect those. Users of this manual are asked to ensure that the copy they are using incorporates the latest changes. The easiest way to determine this is to check the date of the most recent change, as listed at the end of the following Change Summary Listing. If your copy does not match this latest change date, we recommend you download the latest version from the BMW CCA website.

This manual contains the approved policies, procedures, guidelines and rules governing the operation of the BMW Car Club of America. It serves as a guide for National staff, elected National Officers, Contractors, National Program Leaders and staff, Event Organizers, National Service Officers, Chapter Leaders, and Club Members. It is designed to help BMW CCA and its chapters operate consistently, legally and ethically within the policies established by the BMW CCA Board of Directors and the BMW CCA Bylaws. This manual is a living document. Comments and recommended changes are welcome and may be submitted to the Executive Director or any member of the Board of Directors.


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