Download Nikon D40 user manual.pdf This manual contains reference information for the Nikon D40 manual. It gives the system and peripheral specifications, shows how to identify and solve system problems and explains the instructions procedure for maintenance troubleshooting.

No doubt the general public looking for a light and compact device. Nikon has made a drastic reduction in size compared with conventional models. Canon SLR camera D40 is compact, lightweight and strong which allows anyone to create stunning images. With the simple design of the D40, you can use digital technology and the same optical diguanakan by a professional, use without worrying about complex settings. Whatever the subject to be photographed, an automated Digital Vari-Program mode provides beautiful images in all situations.

Table of content Nikon D40 manual
  • Introduction basics
  • Camera settings
  • Lens settings
  • Explicit details
  • Controls
  • Menus
  • Shooting menu
  • Custom setting menu
  • Set up menu
  • Retouch menu
  • How to set white balance
  • About exposure
  • Correct digital exposure and do nikons underexpose
  • The nikon matrix meter
  • How to use the nikon spot meter
  • The zone system
  • What are LV and EV
  • Exposure meter
  • How to use histograms
  • How to use color histograms
  • How to use a digital camera as an external light meter
  • What are shutter speed aperture and ISO
Download Nikon D40 manual here

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