Download Nikon D50 user manual.pdf This Nikon D50 single-lens refl ex (SLR) digital camera with interchangeable lenses. This manual has been written to help you enjoy taking pictures with your Nikon digital camera. Read this manual thoroughly before use, and keep it handy when using the product. The documentation for this product also includes the manuals listed below. Please be sure to read all instructions thoroughly to get the most from the camera.

Nikon D50 is designed as an entry-level digital SLR, but many of the features and characteristics of this camera is comparable to the D70 Equipped with a polycarbonate material with a rubber grip on the front and the back where the thumb is placed, D50 chassis is lightweight and provides good grip.

Table contents of Nikon D50 Manual
  • About this manual
  • For your safety
  • Notices
  • Introduction
  • Tutorial photography and playback
  • Reference
  • Reference more on photography
  • Reference more on playback
  • Setup
  • Technical notes
  • Index
Download Nikon D50 Manual here

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