Download Samsung SGH-A107 user manual pdf | This manual has been written to help you enjoy with your Samsung phone. Please be sure to read all instructions thoroughly to get the most from the phone, and keep them where they will be read by all those who use the product. It gives the system and peripheral specifications, shows how to identify and solve system problems and explains the instructions procedure for maintenance troubleshooting. To prevent damage to your Samsung product or injury to yourself or to others, read the following safety precautions in their entirety before using this equipment. Keep these safety instructions where all those who use the product will read them. The consequences that could result from failure to observe the precautions listed in this section are indicated by the following symbol.

Table content of Samsung SGH-A107 Manual
  • Getting started
  • Understaning your phone
  • Menu navigation
  • Call functions
  • Entering text
  • Messaging
  • Understanding your address book
  • Changing your settings
  • Tools
  • My stuff
  • WAP
  • Accessibility
  • Health and safety information
  • Warranty information
  • Index
Download Samsung SGH-A107 Manual here

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