Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8 User Manual

Download Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8 user manual.pdf This Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8 User Guide owners instruction contains reference information for the phone. Please be sure to read all instructions thoroughly to get the most from the camera and keep them where they will be read by all those who use the product. It gives the system and peripheral specifications, shows how to identify and solve system problems and explains the instructions procedure for maintenance troubleshooting. To prevent damage to your camera product or injury to yourself or to others, read the following safety precautions in their entirety before using this equipment. Keep these safety instructions where all those who use the product will read them. The consequences that could result from failure to observe the precautions listed in this section are indicated by the following symbol.

Table content of Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8 Manual
  • User support
    User guide in the phone ~ User support application ~ Experience more. Discover how
  • Getting started
    Assembly ~ Turning the phone on and off ~ Starting your phone for the first time
  • Getting to know your phone
    Phone overview ~ Charging the battery ~ Using the hardware keys ~ Home screen ~ Status bar ~ Notification panel ~ Applications panes ~ Recently used applications window ~ Notification LED ~ Sensors ~ Using the touch screen ~ SIM card ~ Memory ` Stereo portable handsfree ~ Adjusting the volume ~ Entering text ~ Phone settings overview ~ Internet and messaging settings ~ Data traffic ~ Network settings
  • Calling
    Emergency calls ~ Call handling ~ Voicemail ~ Multiple calls ~ Conference calls ~ Call settings
  • Contacts
    Managing contacts ~ Using contacts ~ Favourites
  • Messaging
    Multimedia and text messaging ~ Email ~ Google Talk
  • Sony Ericsson Timescape
    The Timescape start screen ~ Using ~ settings ~ widget
  • Applications and content
    Before you download applications and content ~ Android Market ~ PlayNow service ~ Downloading from the web ~ Managing applications ~ Copyright-protected content
  • Getting organised
    Calendar ~ Notes ~ Alarm clock
  • Synchronising
    Sony Ericsson Sync ~ Google™ sync ~ Synchronising with a Microsoft® Exchange Server using the RoadSync™ applications
  • Connecting to wireless networks
    Wi-Fi ~ Virtual private networks (VPNs)
  • Web browser
    Toolbar ~ Browsing the web ~ Navigating web pages ~ Multiple windows ~ Managing bookmarks ~ More browser options ~ Browser settings
  • Connecting your phone to a computer
    Transferring and handling content using a USB cable ~ PC Companion ~ Media Go
  • Bluetooth™ wireless technology
    Phone name ~ Pairing with another Bluetooth™ device
  • Back up and restore
    Types of content you can back up
  • Music
    Using the music player ~ Podcasts ~ TrackID technology
  • FM radio
    FM radio overview ~ Moving between radio channels ~ Using favourite radio channels ~ Making a new search for radio channels ~ Switching between the speaker and the handsfree
  • Videos
    Using the video player ~ YouTube
  • Camera
    Viewfinder and camera controls ~ Using the camera
  • Camera album
    Sharing photos and videos
  • Location services
    Using GPS technology ~ Google Maps ~ Getting driving directions
  • Locking and protecting your phone
    IMEI number ~ SIM card protection ~ Screen unlock pattern
  • Updating your phone
    wirelessly ~ using a USB cable
  • Troubleshooting
    Battery performance ~ Common questions ~ Error messages
  • Legal information
Download Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8 Manual here

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