Nikon Coolpix P5000 User Manual

Nikon Coolpix P5000 User ManualDownload Nikon Coolpix P5000 User Manual - The Nikon Coolpix P5000 offers advanced features, ease of use, and unmatched image quality that allow you to capture images at the right time. An exceptional resolution of 10 million pixels is associated with a Zoom-Nikkor 3.5x lens equipped with the lens shift (VR) stabilization system to allow you to take sharp and precise shots. In addition, a new mode selector lets you quickly and easily access the extensive creative possibilities offered by the P, S, A and M exposure modes. Performance and color reproduction are optimized with the new advanced image processing engine. In addition, it has improved noise reduction to preserve image quality, even at high sensitivity up to ISO 3200. This camera offers greater versatility thanks to its optical viewfinder and integrated flash shoe that supports Nikon's advanced i-TTL flash control for external flashes. 

A 10-megapixel resolution lets you capture the smallest details, crop your photos creatively and magnify magnifications. Lens Zoom-Nikkor 3.5x of 36-126 mm (equivalent to the format 24x36). The Optical Image Stabilization System (VR) corrects the effects of camera shake so as to produce crisp images and video clips and produce very clear images in low-light conditions. Active throughout the life of the camera, the sensors of the VR unit detect any movement of the camera and automatically make fine adjustments to reduce the blur effects present on your photos and video clips as well On the LCD monitor.

The wide range of sensitivities between 64 and 3200 ISO allows you to significantly reduce the risk of blurry images when shooting subjects that move quickly or in low light. Values up to 3200 ISO are available in manual exposure mode. For anti-vibration and high-sensitivity modes, the ISO AUTO function automatically selects the optimum sensitivity (up to 800 ISO) for shooting. (ISO 3200 sensitivity is only available for image sizes up to 5 million pixels (2592 x 1944) .Trigger response time 0.01s for very fast shooting performance. 2.5-inch high-comfort LCD monitor with a wide 170-degree viewing angle makes it easy to compose and view images.
Part of Nikon Coolpix P5000
Part of Nikon Coolpix P5000 Camera Body
Optical viewfinder: Allows for accurate composition in full sunlight and other lighting conditions, making the use of an LCD monitor sometimes impractical. Using an optical viewfinder also saves the battery. Front panel made of magnesium alloy. Custom Shooting Modes: Programmed Auto (P), Shutter-Priority Auto (S), Aperture-Priority Auto (A) and Manual (M) for Total Creative Control This extensible system allows you to broaden your creativity: Compatible with the WC-E67 24mm wide-angle converter and the TC-E3ED 3x teleconverter. ( Use of the UR-E20 adapter ring is required) The built-in flash shoe that supports Nikon's advanced i-TTL flash control allows you to use optional external flash units such as the SB-400.

Table of contents Nikon Coolpix P5000 User Manual
  • For your safety
  • Notice
  • Introduction
  • First steps
  • Basic photography and playback auto mode
  • More on shooting
  • More on playback
  • Editing pictures
  • Movie recording and playback
  • Connecting to televisions, computer and printers
  • Basic camera setup
  • Caring for the camera
  • Technical notes and index
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