HP Mini 1000 User Manual

Download HP Mini 1000 User Manual - Mini 1000, an updated Intel Atom netbook, whose predecessor was built on VIA - Mini-Note 2133. With the new filling this netbook has become much thinner because of the smaller hard drive and lithium polymer battery, with a large full-size keyboard (or "almost" full-size). Mini 1000 is available in two sizes, 8.9 "and 10.2" and has a large variety of configurations, from the most to the budget models, including WWAN 3G connection for those who are often on the road. HP Mini 1000 looks like a small copy of the Pavilion laptops, clearly discern the smooth rounded shape, glossy Imprint Finish, and color scheme. Compared with the older HP Mini-Note 2133, this model has made a number of successful steps to reduce the thickness of the body by removing the port VGA, placing a thin 1.8 "hard drive instead of the previous 2.5" models, and connecting new polymer lithium battery instead of the older Lithium ions cylindrically shaped battery. Most chassis model HP Mini 1000 is equipped with 512 MB of RAM (can be ordered with 1 GB), dual-port USB, adapters, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. In addition, HP will soon release its upgrade to support 3G. Customers can choose different models, from 8 -, 9 - and 10.2-inch display. You can also change the HDD (60 GB) for SSD (from 8 to 16 GB). Working on the machine with Windows XP.
HP Mini 1000 User Manual

HP also reduced the number of external connectors, removing an ExpressCard slot, combining a microphone and headphones, and even hiding the LAN under a soft rubber coating. Compared to other netbooks on the market, Mini 1000 easily wins in the design category. Build quality can be noted as above average with high-quality plastic for the whole body. Plastic does not break when the work pressure on the surface and in the closed state and can feel the high quality of materials. The cover is quite firm and securely protects the LCD screen from any damage, so you should not worry and carry your netbook in a backpack with books or other heavy objects. Upgrades Mini 1000 lends itself quite easily, perhaps better than any other netbook. So in order to gain access to the RAM is enough to push a special latch plate and covering the memory bar, can be removed without the use of additional tools. To gain access to the other internal components will have a little to try and pick up the screwdriver. But in general, upgrading the RAM is more than enough for a netbook.

Table content HP Mini 1000 User Manual Unpacking General guide Monitor screen Quick start basics Recording images Using best shot Advanced recording settings Viewing snapshots and movies Other playback functions (play) Printing Using the camera with a computer Other setting set up Configuring monitor screen settings Power supply Using memory card Reset initial default settings Specifications

Download HP Mini 1000 User Manual

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