Samsung Galaxy S2 User Manual

Download Samsung Galaxy S2 User Manual PDF. With its Android 2.3 Gingerbread system, ultra-fast Dual-Core processor and 3G + HSPA + 21 Mbps connectivity, the Samsung Galaxy S2 delivers unmatched mobile performance. The Dual-Core processor allows Internet browsing and multitasking comparable to those of a PC environment, unsurpassed graphics quality and a highly responsive 3D interface on a large screen. High-speed HSPA + connectivity dramatically increases mobile phone download speeds, while Bluetooth 3.0 Stereo reduces data transfer time. The Samsung Galaxy S2 also ships an 8 megapixel camera, with recording and playback of videos in Full HD 1080p. Capturing, creating and sharing content is made easy with Samsung's patented AllShare technology. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is equipped with a 4.27-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, the brightest on the market. Samsung's technology delivers unparalleled color rendering, contrast, and image clarity. The Super Amoled Plus screen makes no compromises on performance and even makes it more autonomous, making the Galaxy S II the most energy-efficient mobile phone of the same size.

Samsung Galaxy S2 User Manual
The Samsung Galaxy S2 offers a new panel of integrated applications, developed in close collaboration with its partners. These open up a new world of entertainment and content. Readers Hub - Rich and varied catalogs of books and magazines Music Hub - Rich and varied catalogs of music Games Hub mobile games latest generation Social Hub unified messaging solution centralizing all email accounts and social networks. Ultra connected and fast, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is equipped with WiFi (b/g/n) and Bluetooth 3. The Samsung Galaxy S II integrates new mobile business solutions, thus providing a successful business use. Samsung has partnered with information technology leaders to deliver relevant Android Gingerbread solutions, with special emphasis on data and network security: Cisco Teleconferencing Services, Latest Version of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Sybase's Remote Device Management feature is now available

Table content Samsung Galaxy S2 User Manual
  • Getting Started
    Understanding this Samsung Galaxy S2 User Manual, Battery Cover, Battery, Extending Your Battery Life, Power Savings, Initial Device Configuration, Switching the Device On or Off, Locking and Unlocking the Device, Creating a New Google Account, Signing into Your Google Account, Retrieving your Google Account Password, Voice Mail, Visual Voicemail, Task Manager
  • Understanding Your Samsung Galaxy S2
    Features of Your Phone, Front View, Back View of Your Phone, Phone Display, Status Bar, Function Keys, Home Screen, Screen Navigation, Menu Navigation, Applications, Customizing the Screens.
  • Memory Card
    Using the SD Card, SD card Overview.
  • Call Functions and Contacts List
    Displaying Your Phone Number, Making a Call, Ending a Call, Making Emergency Calls, Dialing Options, Answering a Call, Managing Reject Calls, Using Voice Command, Using Voice Talk, International Calls, Pause Dialing, Wait Dialing, Redialing the Last Number, Speed Dialing, In Call Options, Logs Tab.
  • Entering Text
    Text Input Methods, Selecting the Text Input Method, Entering Text Using Swype, Using the Samsung Keypad, Using XT9 Predictive Text.
  • Contacts
    Accounts, Contacts List, Finding a Contact, Contact List Options, Contact Menu Options, Contact Entry Options, Joining Contact Information, Sending a Namecard, Copying Contact Information, Synchronizing Contacts, Display Options, Adding more Contacts via Accounts and Sync, My Profile, Additional Contact Options, Groups, The Favorites Tab.
  • Messages
    Types of Messages, Creating and Sending Messages, Message Options, Viewing Newly Received Messages, Deleting Messages, Message Search, Messaging Settings, Text Templates, Email, Microsoft Exchange Email (Outlook), Using Google Mail, Google Talk, Using Instant Messaging (IM).
  • Multimedia
    Using the Camera , Camera Options, Using the Camcorder, Photo Editor, Files, The Gallery, Using the Video Player, Media Hub, Music, Using Playlists, Creating a Playlist, Transferring Music Files, Removing Music Files, T-Mobile TV, YouTube.
  • Applications and Development
    411 & More, Accounts and sync, AllShare, Asphalt 6, Blio, Bonus Apps, Books, Calculator, Calendar, Contacts, Camera, Downloads, Email, Files, Gallery, Google Mail, Google Search, IM, Kies air, Latitude, Lookout, Maps, Market, Downloading a New Google Application, Launching an Installed Google Application, Android Development, Media Hub, Memo, Messaging,  Mini Diary, More for Me, Music, My Account, My Device, Navigation, Netflix, News & Weather, Photo Editor, Places, Polaris Office, Pro Apps, Settings,  Slacker, Social Hub, T-Mobile Mall, T-Mobile Name ID, T-Mobile TV, Tags, Talk, Task, Task Manager, 4 TeleNav GPS, Utility, Video Chat, Videos, Visual Voicemail, Voice Command, Voice Recorder, Voice Search, Voice Talk, Web, YouTube, Zinio Reader
  • Connections
    Web, Bluetooth, Enable Downloading for Web Applications, PC Connections, Kies Air, Wi-Fi, Tethering, Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Changing Your Settings 
    Wireless and Networks, USB Utilities, Tethering, VPN settings, Call Settings, Sound Settings, Display Settings, Power Saving Mode, Location and Security, Screen Unlock Pattern Settings, Applications, Android Development, Accounts and Synchronization, Motion Settings, Privacy Settings, SD Card & Phone Storage, Search Settings, Language & Keyboard Settings, Voice Input and Output Settings, Accessibility Settings, Dock Settings, Date and Time, About Phone,Software Update.

Download Samsung Galaxy S2 User Manual

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