iPhone 3GS Manual

Download iPhone 3GS Manual - In order to avoid injury, go through just about all functioning recommendations in this guidebook and basic safety information within the i phone Essential Product or service Information Guide in www.apple.com/support/manuals/iphone ahead of utilizing i phone. Before you employ any one of iPhone’s attributes, you have to trigger i phone by taking a site approach with an i phone program carrier in your area and joining i phone while using network. The i phone was initialized during the time of buy. When the item isn’t initialized, speak to your own i phone retailer or cell phone company.

Registering i phone with iTunes makes it possible for iTunes to name your i phone whenever it’s associated with your personal machine along with assist you to manage its contents. You may then synchronize details using your computer system along with press through iTunes, along with develop backups of iPhone’s contents along with configurations. It is possible to develop a good iTunes Retail store bank account, or identify an active bank account, help buying with i phone. iTunes also information iPhone’s serial variety in the event you demand it for assistance or in case of loss.

Table content of iPhone 3GS Manual

  • Getting Started
    Viewing the User Guide on iPhone - What You Need - Activating iPhone - Installing the SIM Card - Registering iPhone - Setting Up iPhone Using VoiceOver - Syncing - Mail, Contacts, and Calendar Accounts - Installing Configuration Profiles - Disconnecting iPhone from Your Computer.
  • Basics
    iPhone at a Glance - Home Screen - Buttons - Touchscreen - Onscreen Keyboard - Searching - Voice Control - Stereo Headset - Connecting to the Internet - Battery - Security Features - Cleaning iPhone - Restarting and Resetting iPhone
  • Phone
    Phone Calls - Visual Voicemail - Contacts - Favorites - Ringtones and the Ring/Silent Switch - Bluetooth Devices - International Calls
  • Mail
    Setting Up Email Accounts - Sending Email - Checking and Reading Email - Searching Email - Organizing Email
  • Safari
    Viewing Webpages - Searching the Web - Bookmarks - Web Clips
  • iPod
    Getting Music, Video, and More - Music and Other Audio - Videos - Setting a Sleep Timer - Changing the Browse Buttons
  • Messages
    Sending and Receiving Messages - Sharing Photos and Videos - Sending Voice Memos - Editing Conversations - Using Contact Information and Links - Managing Previews and Alerts
  • Calendar
    About Calendar - Syncing Calendars - Viewing Your Calendar - Searching Calendars - Subscribing to and Sharing Calendars - Adding Calendar Events to iPhone - Responding to Meeting Invitations - Alerts
  • Photos
    About Photos - Syncing Photos and Videos with Your Computer - Viewing Photos and Videos - Slideshows - Sharing Photos and Videos - Assigning a Photo to a Contact - Wallpaper
  • Camera
    About Camera - Taking Photos and Recording Videos - Viewing and Sharing Photos and Videos - Trimming Videos - Uploading Photos and Videos to Your Computer
  • YouTube
    Finding and Viewing Videos - Controlling Video Playback - Managing Videos - Getting More Information - Using YouTube Account Features - Changing the Browse Buttons - Sending Videos to YouTube
  • Stocks
    Viewing Stock Quotes - Getting More Information
  • Maps
    Finding and Viewing Locations - Bookmarking Locations - Getting Directions - Showing Traffic Conditions - Finding and Contacting Businesses
  • Weather
    Viewing Weather Summaries - Getting More Weather Information
  • Voice Memos
    Recording Voice Memos - Listening to Voice Memos - Managing Voice Memos - Trimming Voice Memos - Sharing Voice Memos - Syncing Voice Memos
  • Notes
    Writing and Reading Notes - Searching Notes - Emailing Notes - Syncing Notes
  • Clock
    World Clocks - Alarms - Stopwatch - Timer
  • Settings
    Airplane Mode - Wi-Fi - VPN - Notifications - Carrier - Sounds and the Ring/Silent Switch - Brightness - Wallpaper - General - Mail, Contacts, Calendars - Phone - Safari - Messages - iPod - Photos - Store - Nike + iPod
  • iTunes Store
     About the iTunes Store - Finding Music, Videos, and More - Purchasing Ringtones - Purchasing Music or Audiobooks - Purchasing or Renting Videos - Streaming or Downloading Podcasts - Checking Download Status - Syncing Purchased Content - Changing the Browse Buttons - Viewing Account Information - Verifying Purchases
  • App Store
    About the App Store -  Browsing and Searching - Info Screen - Downloading Applications - Deleting Applications - Writing Reviews - Updating Applications -Syncing Purchased Applications
  • Compass
    Getting Compass Readings - Compass and Maps
  • Contacts
    About Contacts - Adding Contacts - Searching Contacts - Managing Contacts on iPhone
  • Nike + iPod
    Activating Nike + iPod - Additional Nike + iPod Settings
  • Accessibility
    Accessibility Features - VoiceOver - Zoom - White on Black - Mono Audio - Speak Auto-text - Triple-click Home - Closed Captioning and Other Helpful Features
  • Troubleshooting
    Apple iPhone Support Site - General - iTunes and Syncing - Phone and Voicemail - Safari, Text, Mail, and Contacts - Sound, Music, and Video -  iTunes Stores - Removing the SIM Card - Backing Up iPhone - Updating and Restoring iPhone Software
  • Other Resources
    Safety, Software, and Service Information - Viewing the User Guide on iPhone - Disposal and Recycling Information - Apple and the Environment
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