Epson WorkForce 600 Manual

Epson WorkForce 600 Manual
Download Epson WorkForce 600 user manual - This Epson WorkForce 600 User Guide owners manual or instruction manual contains reference information for the Epson WorkForce 600 printer. Please be sure to read all instructions thoroughly to get the most from the printer, and keep them where they will be read by all those who use the product. It gives the system and peripheral specifications, shows how to identify and solve system problems and explains the instructions procedure for maintenance troubleshooting. To prevent damage to your printer product or injury to yourself or to others, read the following safety precautions in their entirety before using this equipment. Keep these safety instructions where all those who use the product will read them. The consequences that could result from failure to observe the precautions listed in this section are indicated by the following symbol.

Epson WorkForce 600 Manual table of contents:
Adjust the Control Panel - You can adjust the angle of the control panel. You can also change the language and turn off the beep heard when you press a button. To raise it, lift it up from the bottom. To lower it, squeeze the release lever underneath and push the control panel down:

Load Paper - Before you copy or print, load paper for the type of printing you will do. Load Paper for Documents Load Paper for Photos Load Envelopes General Paper Information

Place Originals for Copying, Scanning, or Faxing - Before you copy, scan, or fax, place your documents or photos on the scanner. Place Documents on the Scanner Glass Place Documents in the Automatic Document Feeder Place Photos on the Scanner Glass

Copy a Document or Photo - You can copy documents or photos in color or black and white. You can also make quick draft copies. Copy Documents Copy a Photo Restore, Crop, or Copy Multiple Photos Copy Using the Copy Wizard, Note: Copies may not be exactly the same size as your original document.

Fax a Document or Photo - Your WorkForce 600 Series lets you send faxes by entering fax numbers or selecting entries from a speed dial list. You can customize the fax header information, get a printed fax report, and select various send/receive settings. You can also set up your WorkForce 600 Series to automatically receive faxes or select to receive them only when you’ve confirmed that you’re receiving a fax. See these sections: Connect a Phone or Answering Machine Set Up Your Fax Features Send a Fax Receive Faxes

Print From a Memory Card - You can print photos directly from your digital camera’s memory card by inserting it into the WorkForce 600 Series memory card slots. Before you begin, make sure to load photo paper. Follow the steps in these sections to print from a memory card: Insert Memory Card View Photos on Card Print Layout Sheets Print Photos From an Index Sheet Print Photo Greeting Cards Print a Proof Sheet Print Photos Pre-selected in Your Camera (DPOF) Remove Memory Card See also: Store and Display Your Prints

Transfer Photos To/From a Memory Card - You can transfer photos to and from your memory card and computer or an external storage device using your WorkForce 600 Series. Follow the instructions in these sections to transfer photos to or from a memory card: Transfer Photos From a Memory Card to Your Computer Transfer Photos From Your Computer to a Memory Card Back Up Photos on a Memory Card to an External Storage Device

Print From a Camera or Other External Device - The WorkForce 600 Series lets you print photos from a connected digital camera, a connected USB flash drive, or other external storage device. Print From a Connected Digital Camera Print From an External Storage Device

Print Lined Paper, Graph Paper, and Stationery - Your WorkForce 600 Series can print lined paper, graph paper, and stationery. Follow the steps in these sections: Print Lined Paper and Graph Paper Print Stationery

Print From Your Computer - After you connect the WorkForce 600 Series to your computer and install its software, you can print documents and photos from your computer. Tip: It’s a good idea to check for updates to your WorkForce 600 Series software. See Checking for Software Updates for details. Follow the instructions in these sections for your computer type: Windows Printing Macintosh Printing (OS X 10.5) Macintosh Printing (OS X 10.3 and 10.4) Before you print, make sure you installed your software and connected the WorkForce 600 Series to your computer; see the Start Here sheet for instructions. Also be sure to load paper in the sheet feeder.

Scan to Your Computer - You can scan original documents and photos on your WorkForce 600 Series and save them as digital files on your computer using the Epson Scan program. Follow the instructions in these sections to scan using Epson Scan: Start Epson Scan Scan from the Control Panel Select a Scan Mode Scan in Office Mode Scan in Home Mode Scan in Professional Mode You can also open a TWAIN-compatible scanning program and scan your images directly into the program window for editing and printing. Follow the instructions in these sections to perform special scanning tasks: Restore Color as You Scan Scan to a PDF File View and Print Scanned Images Convert a Document to Editable Text (OCR)

Scan to a Memory Card You can scan a photo or document and save it on a memory card or USB storage device in JPEG or PDF format.

Replace Ink Cartridges - Your WorkForce 600 Series and its software will let you know when an ink cartridge is low or expended. If an ink cartridge is low, you see a message on theWorkForce 600 Series LCD screen. You can continue to print until a cartridge needs replacement. If an ink cartridge is expended, you see a message on the WorkForce 600 Series LCD screen. You must replace the cartridge to be able to print.

Adjust Print Quality - If your print quality declines, you may need to run a utility to clean or align the print head. Clean the Print Head Align the Print Head If running these utilities does not solve the problem, you may need to replace the ink cartridges.

Solve Problems -  If you have a problem using your WorkForce 600 Series, check these sections for guidance in diagnosing and solving the problem: Checking for Software Updates Problem-solving Tools Problems and Solutions Re-installing Software Getting More Help

Clean and Transport Your Product - If your WorkForce 600 Series gets dirty or you need to move it some distance, follow the instructions in these sections: Cleaning Transportation

Use Your Product on a Network - To use your WorkForce 600 Series on a network, follow the instructions in the printed network guide to install your printer software, and set up network printing.

Specifications and Notices - For information about using your WorkForce 600 Series and detailed specifications, see: Important Safety Instructions Computer System Requirements Product Specifications Software Notices Copyright and Trademarks

Epson WorkForce 600 Manual

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