Garmin Colorado 300 User Manual

Garmin Colorado 300 Manual - Garmin Colorado 300, the newest and most modern portable GPS receiver for active tourism. It contains a base map, high-sensitivity chipset, a barometric altimeter, electronic compass, with expansion slot for SD cards, high-quality color display, picture viewer and more. GPS Navigator Garmin Colorado 300 features a new wireless exchange of travel data between similar devices. Garmin Colorado 300 includes a worldwide base map with shaded relief and supports loadable maps of all Your trips. Just insert the SD card with your mapping, topographic data or maps of the reservoirs. This receiver supports the format g2 Vision, so you may want to use marine charts in this format. Memory card located inside the waterproof battery compartment, so You don't have to worry about the soaking of the device. Garmin Colorado 300 you can share your waypoints, tracks, routes with other users of similar receivers wirelessly and mobile communications. Now you can easily send your friend the data campaign or the location of the Parking lot. Control with the wheel is perhaps the most convenient solution for portable devices. Using the Rock n Roller wheel, You can control the device even with one hand. To select the desired menu item has not only become simpler but also faster. In addition, the receiver interface is configured individually based on the preferences of the owner.

Garmin Colorado 300 Manual

Highly sensitive GPS chipset delivers phenomenal reception of the satellite signal in the toughest conditions. Thus You will always know your location even in deep canyons, near tall buildings or in dense tree crowns. This GPS receiver will give the right information when You need it. You can choose the corresponding device profile: automotive, marine, leisure. For use in Garmin car offers special car kit includes windshield mount and power cable from the cigarette lighter. Also, You'll need road maps with routing, because Navigator searches for the home address and auto proc lame route subject to the rules of the road. For installation on a boat has a special marine mount and the athletes can complete the Navigator Cycling speed sensor and heart monitor. The built-in barometric altimeter will be necessary to mountaineers and climbers, and all who care to independently predict change in weather conditions. In addition, the Colorado 300 has a built-in thermometer. 

Magnetic compass Navigator Garmin Colorado 300 allows determining the direction while standing still or in the absence of satellite signal. To have fun in the journey, you can use the preview photos. With confidence, we can say that this is the most modern navigation device. It seems Garmin has provided all. Thanks to the bright large screen and stylish design, the use of this GPS Navigator not only convenient but nice. Rich functionality and high reliability make it a perfect Navigator for those who lead an active lifestyle. If that's You, then the Colorado 300 Navigator is indispensable, wherever You are.
Garmin Colorado 300 Specifications
5.5" H x 2.4" W x 1.4" D (14 x 6.1 x 3.6 centimeters)
5.9 ounces (167.26 grams) without batteries installed.
1.53" x 2.55" backlit color TFT display (240 x 400 pixels) backlit.
Rugged, metal-plated, waterproof to IPX7
Temp Range
From -4oF to 158oF (from -20oC to 70oC)
12 channel WAAS enabled/High sensitivity
Acquisition Times
< 1 second (warm start)
< 33 seconds (cold start)
< 36 seconds (autolocate)
Update Rate
1/second, continuous
Built-in Quad Helix
Accuracy: +/- 2 degrees (+/- 5 degrees extreme Northern/Southern latitudes)*, resolution: 1 degree
Accuracy: +/- 10 feet*, resolution: 1 foot Range -2,000 to 30,000 feet
Two AA batteries (alkaline, NiMH, or lithium)
Battery Life
Up to 15 hours
< 33 feet (10 meters) 95% typical
10–16 feet (3–5 meters) 95% typical
0.1 meter/sec steady state
Garmin Proprietary serial, USB mass storage device, NMEA 0183
Data Storage
Life: Indefinite; no memory battery required
Map Storage
Internal or SD Card
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