Garmin Edge 520 User Manual

Garmin Edge 520 Manual - Immediately after the announcement of the smallest and lightest bike Edge 20/25, Garmin has announced a new full-featured model Edge 520. This bike computer has got the latest firmware that allows you to obtain information about the segments from Strava and fight for the results in real time. New Edge 520 has got the functionality of the most advanced models of the Edge, it is equipped with sensors, GPS/GLONASS, high-resolution display with full map and routing support any Cycling sensors by Garmin Protocol ANT+ remote control for Virb, radar tracking car. Edge 520 is more compact than the Garmin 1000, however, its screen allows you to contain the same 10 fields of data, and the claimed battery life of 15 hours. One of the most interesting innovations Edge 520 is the integration with Strava segments. The Edge model 520 was the first Cycling computer that is compatible with Strava segments in real time. The device comes with a free trial 3-month subscription to Strava Premium, whereby the selected segments, Strava will automatically sync with the device 520 to provide feedback during your trips. In addition, you will receive a notification about the beginning and end of the segment. After completion of the movement segment will appear on the screen a list of leaders.
Garmin Edge 520 Manual

Do you need the motivation to make the long and lonely miles on the treadmill more interesting? The Edge model 520 offers a number of useful features that are available when you pair your device with compatible exercise equipment, ANT+ indoor. For example, you can ask for the workout average power of 240 watts. Configure the desired value in the Edge 520, start pedaling, and the trainer will automatically adjust to achieve the specified power level. On the screen 520, you can view your records. Also during the exercises on the simulator, you can simulate the movement distance recorded by you or other athletes, and try to improve the previous result. The simulator will automatically change the resistance in accordance with the elevation profile. When pairing with a power meter at the Edge 520, an additional set of functions, for example, tracking data Cycling functional threshold power (FTP) or metric watts/kg, so you can compare your results with those of other athletes. Built-in FTP test helps to establish your base level on the treadmill or on the bike path. Add пульсометр3, and the device 520 will calculate your estimated VO2 max, and also provided the recommended recovery time after exercise.
Garmin Edge 520 Specifications
Battery type Rechargeabl, built-in lithium-ion battery
Battery life 15 hr, typical usage
Operating temperature range From -20 to 60C
Charging temperature range From 0 to 45C
Radio frequency/protocol 2.4 GHz ANT+ wireless communications protocol
Bluetooth smart wireless technology
Water rating IEC 60529 IPX7
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