Asus Direct Console User Manual

The Direct Console 2.0 offers a convenient interface for users to adjust the system performance, to customize LED light and to change the display information on the Direct Messenger Display. Double- click the Direct Console 2.0 icon ( ) in the Notification area to open the main control panel.

The turbo and turbo extreme mode require more power than normal mode. Clear the enable in battery mode check box if you do not want to use these two modes without attaching the power adapter. the turbo exxtreme mode may fail to function due to the exhaustion of the system resources. if so, it will automatically switch back to normal mode

Table content Asus Direct Console Manual
  • Asus direct console
  • Instuction
  • How to set direct console
  • Direct flas
  • Direct messanger
  • My personal setting
  • Default setting
  • My personal setting
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