Nikon Coolpix P3 User Manual

Nikon Coolpix P3 User ManualDownload Nikon Coolpix P3 User Manual - The Nikon Coolpix P3 offers high performance. It is designed to help you photograph in difficult situations. Advanced features include autofocus over 11 extended areas and aperture priority Auto mode. You can also count on an 8.1-megapixel high definition, the 3.5x Optical Zoom-Nikkor and the latest Wi-Fi technology. It allows you to transfer images directly to your computer or Compatible printer without using cables. The Nikon Coolpix P3 also benefits from the vibration reduction system (VR), an innovation resulting from Nikon's dual experience: nano-technology and professional photography. It minimizes the blur of motion, caused by the slight movements of the hand. This remarkable new system ensures a stable image when shooting or making video clips.

8.1 effective megapixels, 3.5x optical zoom, Wi-Fi technology, Vibration Reduction System (VR) With 8.1 mega pixels high resolution, you get remarkable images even after enlargement or cropping. The Zoom-Nikkor 3.5x (equivalent in 24x36 format) allows you to zoom out to shoot large landscapes or zoom in to make tight portraits. You can also focus on subjects within 4 cm of the camera. Optical vibration reduction (VR) provides sharp images under conditions where camera shake can be a problem. With the VR system, the images visible on the LCD monitor become stable, making it easier to compose. This system extends even to the realization of video clips: the electronic VR function guarantees stability during the video recording of moving subjects.

The autofocus system on 11 extended areas ensures sharp images for a multitude of compositions. Each AF sensor has additional pixels, which makes it possible to achieve excellent autofocus performance in low light conditions. With the Aperture-Priority Auto mode, select the aperture to change the depth of field. The camera selects the appropriate shutter speed for optimal exposure. Continuous shooting up to 1.8 frames per second. Perfectly suited for photography of moving subjects. The Wi-Fi function allows you to send images to your computer as they are taken. You can also save them to your memory card for later transfer to your computer or send them to a compatible printer. All these operations are carried out without any cable.
Part of Nikon Coolpix P3
Part of Nikon Coolpix P3 Camera Body
COOLPIX Integrated Technologies: Face-Priority AF automatically detects faces and focuses on faces. You get crisp portraits in all circumstances. (Face detection capability may be limited under certain shooting conditions.) The D-Lighting function corrects underexposed images by lightening dark areas without affecting properly exposed areas. The red-eye correction function analyzes each image and automatically removes any red-eye that sometimes occurs in flash photography.

16 scene modes (9 advanced modes) allow you to precisely control the final rendering of your images. Choose from 3 different effects to get the picture you think is the most aesthetic. 2.5-inch high-comfort LCD monitor. Quality TV video clips at 30 fps. Metal box, compact, refined. Colors dark silver. A date search function lets you search for recorded images based on their shooting date. The internal memory of approximately 23 MB. The "Best Image Selector" function chooses among the pictures of a sequence, the most optimal.

Table content of Nikon Coolpix P3 User Manual
  • For your safety
  • Notice
  • Introduction
  • First steps
  • Basic photography and playback auto mode
  • More on shooting
  • More on playback
  • Editing pictures
  • Movie recording and playback
  • Connecting to televisions, computer and printers
  • Basic camera setup
  • Caring for the camera
  • Technical notes and index

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