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Nikon Coolpix P500 User ManualDownload Nikon Coolpix P500 User Manual - With its outstanding performance and incredibly wide range, the compact COOLPIX P500 features an amazing 36x zoom, a swivel LCD monitor, and Full HD video recording. Offering ultra-wide-to-wide-telephoto coverage, this impressive 36x zoom, combined with the backlit CMOS image sensor, delivers stunning images in any situation, regardless of the brightness level. Creative freedom is further enhanced by the swivel LCD monitor, which makes it easy to shoot from above or below. Advanced exposure modes allow you to control the main parameters. In addition, a dedicated control makes it possible to quickly switch between the single view and the continuous shooting. Ultra-powerful Zoom: NIKKOR Zoom 36x with extended coverage, from ultra-wide angle to super telephoto (equivalent to 24x36: 22.5 - 810 mm). Provides exceptional precision and definition. The 12.1-megapixel backlit CMOS image sensor increases the amount of light captured by each pixel, improves sensitivity and reduces noise for remarkable performance regardless of brightness.

The 7x anti-blur function automatically prevents fuzzy shots in seven different ways. The hybrid VR system (sensor displacement and electronic vibration reduction) reduces the effect of camera shake and can be adjusted simultaneously for added protection. The high sensitivity (up to 3200 ISO) to the light reduces the risk of blurry pictures when shooting subjects that move quickly or in low light. Motion detection corrects the movement of the subject and the camera. The Best Image Selector (BSS) function automatically selects the sharpest picture among ten consecutive shots. Dedicated "low-light" modes: guarantee tremendous results regardless of lighting conditions, even without a tripod. Night portrait mode ensures night scenes and subtly detailed interior portraits. Night Scene mode allows you to shoot sharp pictures even at low sensitivity. The Backlight HDR 2 mode offers an impressive tonal range, whatever the situation.

High-definition 7.5 cm (3-inch) LCD monitor that swivels 921,000 pixels: can be tilted 90 degrees up and 82 degrees down. With anti-reflective coating. Recording Full HD 1080p video in stereo: optical zoom and autofocus available during movie recording and ability to take a picture during recording. Includes an option to shoot at slow or fast speeds, with recording speeds up to 240 vps (QVGA). The camera is equipped with an integrated HDMI connector with an HDMI-CEC output for connection to an HDTV. The side zoom control ensures stable and smooth zooming throughout the 36x range for photos and videos. Exposure modes (P / S / A / M) letting your creativity run free. Programmed Auto (P), Priority Auto (S), Aperture-Priority Auto (A) and Manual (M).
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Panorama Mode 360 & degrees / 180 & degrees allows vertical or horizontal panoramas for dynamic shots. The EXPEED C2 image processing system allows the recording of optimized video clips, outstanding performance in high sensitivity mode and maximum picture quality. High-speed continuous shooting (8 fps) with a maximum resolution of 12.1 million pixels: a dedicated shooting command allows you to switch instantly and take five consecutive shots at eight frames per second, Or up to 54 pictures with a lower resolution at 120 frames per second.

Table content of Nikon Coolpix P500 User Manual
  • For your safety
  • Notice
  • Introduction
  • First steps
  • Basic photography and playback auto mode
  • More on shooting
  • More on playback
  • Editing pictures
  • Movie recording and playback
  • Connecting to televisions, computer and printers
  • Basic camera setup
  • Caring for the camera
  • Technical notes and index
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