Ford Focus Zetec Manual

Appearing in local showrooms in 2002, the first series Focus attracted lots of comment with its cutting edge look. Now there’s an all new second generation, and while it retains some of the original’s design cues its styling is definitely more restrained. Buyers will have a choice between five door hatch and four door sedan, the three door not coming our way this time. Major improvements include a more powerful 2.0litre Duratec engine fitted to all models plus additional standard safety features. Across the board price reductions over the LR series will give buyers some added incentive to check out the newcomer.

All models are powered by a new all alloy 2.0 Duratec engine. The previous car’s tardy performance is now just a memory. With 107kW and strong mid range urge the Zetec’s performance is a highlight of the package. Open up the throttle and there’s no hesitation, the engine never sounding stressed as the revs rise. The gearbox has a notchy direct feel, the light clutch making city driving easy work. While there seems to be a noticeable gap between third and fourth, the Duratec’s torque keeps things moving along and it certainly doesn’t struggle in fifth on the freeway. Download Ford Focus Zetec Manual here

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