Honda Jazz VTi-S 1.5 Litre Manual

For nearly 30 years the Honda Civic has been the Japanese manufacturer’s mainstay in the small car class. Originally starting out as quite a cheap and compact vehicle, the Civic has evolved over the years into a physically larger vehicle that not only offers more room, but is also more expensive. The growth of the Civic has opened the way for Honda to introduce a new entry-level model. That model is the Jazz, an all-new compact five door hatchback. There are three variants of the Jazz available – a 1.3 litre GLi, and two 1.5 litre VTEC models, the VTi, and the VTi-S. All models are available with either a five speed manual or a continuously variable (CVT) automatic transmission. Power output for the 1.3 litre engine is a fairly conservative 61 kW, while the 1.5 litre VTEC engine delivers 81 kW and thereby provides significantly better performance. Honda anticipates the Jazz will create demand in a new class that overlaps the light and small car market segments. With contemporary styling, good standard features and entry-level pricing, the Jazz should appeal to both young and older buyers in need of a city runabout. The recent release of similar sized models such as the Mazda2 ensures that there is some stiff competition in the new compact car market.

The Jazz is a new entry-level model from Honda that is a high roof, compact, five door hatchback. Some clever design features have given the Jazz a versatile seating arrangement and good interior space. The Jazz is available in three variants with either a 1.3 or a 1.5 litre engine. Light and positive controls make the Jazz a pleasant and easy vehicle to drive. Download Honda Jazz VTi-S 1.5 Litre Manual here

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