Canon PowerShot SX10 IS Manual User Guide

Canon PowerShot SX10 IS Manual | Model Canon PowerShot SX10 IS Its stylish, futuristic design. In developing the model, Canon engineers had to pay special attention its ergonomics. The fact that the combination of relatively small case size and a powerful lens has very strict requirements for ease of working with a camera. If the camera is not placed in his hand "like a glove" to achieve sharp images at maximum zoom values ​​will be very difficult. Fortunately, SX10 IS very easy to use, and anatomical protrusion on its body with rubber surface allows you to fix the camera in his right hand with the highest reliability and stability.

With this additional focus for right thumb is a little rush at the rear. And in the process of shooting a photographer can pick up a camera under the lens - it will provide an opportunity to get sharp pictures even at long exposures and the large zoom. No less convenient and control system. Quick access to essential functions through on the rear of the control disc with a ring configuration. Under it are the menu button and the display control. Also on the rear panel buttons to enter the exposure compensation, AF point selection and access to the playback. A separate button lets you quickly start a video without the need to include the appropriate mode from the menu.

Table content of Canon PowerShot SX10 IS Manual Getting started component guide basic operations commonly used shooting functions shooting using the mode dial various shooting methods connecting to a tv customizing the camera troubleshooting list of message safety precautions preventing malfunctions attaching the lens hood using the power kits using an externally mounted flash replacing the date battery camera care and maintenance specifications. Download Canon PowerShot SX10 IS Manual here

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