Delphi NAV200 User Manual

Delphi NAV200 Manual | Recently, all mobile devices there is a steady tendency to decrease the thickness of the body. Here, portable navigators also tend to keep up with colleagues in the shop, the new device the company Delphi - once a good example. Model NAV200, Delphi's first attempt to create a PMP / GPS navigator offers an impressive set of features at a price of just $ 400, but it has its drawbacks. For example, the device has an impressive set of multimedia capabilities (plays many formats of music and video files), but they can not be used in navigation mode.

Table content of Delphi NAV200 Manual About GPS introduction unpacking delphi NAV200 installing in your vehicle features and controls getting started navigation working with the map useful functions for navigation traffic message channel music mode movie mode picture mode game mode calculator mode world clock mode setting troubleshooting warranty. Download Delphi NAV200 Manual here

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