Nikon Coolpix S4100 User Manual

Nikon Coolpix S4100 User ManualDownload Nikon Coolpix S4100 User Manual - The Nikon Coolpix S4100 is the fully equipped camera you need to make movies in 720p HD quality. Recording at the touch of a button makes it easier than ever to make movies. Digital zoom allows you to get closer to the action you are attending a sporting event, a beach party or a concert. And because the Nikon Coolpix S4100 compact camera can slip into a pocket and is easy to carry, you can also discreetly photograph a graduation party, birthday party and other unique events so that the action is Always spontaneous and memorable. When your movie is finished, watching and sharing it has never been easier with viewing on the camera. But you also have the option to watch it on your TV or on your computer.

If you enjoy a tactile operation with a user-friendly and intuitive graphical interface, you will be pleased when you start taking pictures with the Nikon Coolpix S4100. The three-inch LCD screen of the camera, clear and bright, comes to life thanks to the details of its 460,000 pixels. In shooting mode, the touchpad allows you to choose a focus point by simply touching a part of the frame. You also have an AF / AE (Autofocus / Auto Exposure) button for convenient focusing by simply touching. Moreover, thanks to the follow-up of the subject, you have the possibility to touch a subject whatever it is on the screen and the Nikon Coolpix S4100 will follow it in the frame.

The Nikon Coolpix S4100 provides touch control in visualization with features such as scrolling, retouching and slide show, which can bring a playful effect to the "characters". The Nikon Coolpix S4100 also has several filter effects to allow you to add a personal touch to your photos. It features Blur Filter, Selective Color, Color Options, and Fisheye, Thumbnail, and Star Filter functions.

Imagine a compact and affordable camera that would be smart enough to correct vibrations, take a series of sharpest pictures, or intuitively adjust the shutter speed when you focus on shifting. The remarkable Nikon Coolpix S4100 does all this and much more. It is equipped with a 4x VR vibration reduction system which reduces the blurring effect. Its motion detection identifies moving subjects and adjusts the shutter speed and ISO settings to create the optimal settings for the best shooting.

Parts of the Nikon Coolpix S4100
Parts of the Nikon Coolpix S4100 Camera

With the Nikon Coolpix S4100, Nikon has thought of everything. When you shoot in low light, you're guaranteed optimum results with a high ISO value of up to 3200. From still images to movies, everything is clear and sharp thanks to EXPEED C2, which enhances the finesse of detail and image quality at an exceptional processing speed.

With its rounded housing and seductive lines, the Nikon Coolpix S4100 is ultra light and self-imposing. It is available in three colors: plum, black, and red, making it the favorite of people attached to elegance and design. Although full of personality, it also abounds with Nikon features that make it the ideal camera for everyday use. Slide the COOLPIX S4100 into the pocket of your coat or into your bag. Its thickness of 20mm and its weight of 131g will make you forget its presence and yet it is ready to take high-quality photos or to make HD movies at a party, at the beach or during a game. You live life on a large scale. You deserve a camera that will adapt to your needs.

The Nikon Coolpix S4100 is perhaps stylish, thin and compact, but it is also very powerful. Nikon equipped it with a 14-megapixel CCD sensor that ensures outstanding image quality. It is associated with a 5x wide-angle optical zoom lens with NIKKOR glass lens that leaves you a great freedom of composition. The focal length of the Nikon lens is 26-130 mm. This beach allows you to zoom in to make your most beautiful portraits and have a wide-angle to cover magnificent landscapes. The Nikon Coolpix S4100 even has 20 scene modes including an auto scene selector so that you can leave this smart camera the choice of automatically determining the type of photo you are taking and letting it adjust the settings to ensure a snapshot Perfect in all circumstances. And if you think that this camera is full of features, its tremendous recording capabilities capture all the action in HD 720p.

This innovative camera is ready to conquer your imagination. Not only is it equipped with 20 scene modes that automatically adjust the camera settings to ensure optimum results for specific scenes, but it is also equipped with the new Pet feature. With this mode, it identifies a dog or cat and focuses on its head. The smart portrait system of the Nikon Coolpix S4100 includes a smile detector that automatically detects if the subject smiles before triggering the shutter. Face-priority AF allows you to focus on up to 12 faces. The blink alert warns you when your friends have blinked. In addition, the built-in red-eye correction function automatically removes most red-eye, while the Makeup function is used to soften the skin tones. The Nikon Coolpix S4100 also has macro shooting capabilities at 10 cm and comes with a rechargeable EN-EL 19 Li-ion battery that can take around 190 photos.

Table of contents Nikon Coolpix S4100 User Manual
  • Introduction
  • First steps
  • Basic photography and playback an auto mode
  • More on shooting
  • More on playback
  • Editing pictures
  • Movie recording and playback
  • Connecting to televisions computer and printer
  • Basic camera setup
  • Caring for the camera
  • Technical notes and index
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