Nokia 500 User Manual

Download Nokia 500 User Manual. Match your style with interchangeable fronts and customizable home screens. The Nokia 500 has a powerful processor and 1 GHz, guaranteed that everything will work without a hitch, you will always be connected to your favorite social networks. You will always have the important at your fingertips. The powerful 1GHz processor ensures that your apps and entertainment are fun to use. The apps work quickly and smoothly and thanks to a wifi or 3G connection, the web pages load quickly and downloads arrive in an instant. Scroll through your photos effortlessly and navigate easily through your music collection. Two extra premium facades with a beautiful matte finish are included in the box so you always have one that matches your style. And because it's so easy to change, it's child's play to choose the facade that suits your mood. You can also choose wallpapers and themes for your mobile home screens, as well as add shortcuts for your favorite apps and friends.
Nokia 500 User Manual
Nokia 500 User Manual
As soon as you take the phone out of the box, it will be ready for use, with emails and integrated social networks. For you, this represents the real-time display of your pro and personal e-mails on your home screen. You will also receive news from your Facebook and Twitter news feeds 24/7 to stay informed. Just choose what's right for you. This is where everything starts. From the first day, your three customizable screens are connected and always up to date - you just have to decide what you want to put on it. A welcome screen for new e-mails and messages, one for your friends and social networks and the third for your favorite apps and games. It's up to you. You can add widgets and shortcuts easily and quickly. With the Nokia 500, you'll immediately enjoy many apps - apps that make your life a little easier and more entertaining. And you access the Store with a simple tap of the finger to download the latest apps and games as well as ringtones, themes, and wallpapers.

Table contents of Nokia 500 User Manual

  • Get started
    Keys and parts, Insert the SIM card,  Insert a memory card, Charging, Switch the phone on or off, Use your phone for the first time, Copy contacts or photos from your old phone, Lock the keys and screen, Antenna locations, Change the volume of a call, song, or video, Attach the wrist strap, Headset, Visit Nokia Store, Use the user guide in your phone.
  • Install Nokia Suite on your computer
  • Basic use
    Touch screen actions, Use shortcuts, Switch between open applications, Write text, Display indicators, Set your phone to blink for missed calls or messages, Search your phone and the internet, Use your phone offline, Prolong battery life, Restore original settings.
  • Personalisation
    Profiles, Change your theme, Change the back cover, Home screen, Organise your applications, Download a game, app, or other items.
  • Telephone
    Call a phone number, Answer a call, Activate the loudspeaker during a call, Decline a call, Turn to silence, Call a contact, Answer a waiting call, Make a conference call, Call the numbers you use the most, Use your voice to call a contact, Internet calls, Call the last dialled number, Record a phone conversation, View your missed calls, Call your voice mailbox, Divert calls to your voice mailbox or another phone number, Prevent making or receiving calls, Allow calls only to certain numbers.
  • Contacts
    About Contacts, Save phone numbers and mail addresses, Save a number from a received call or message, Contact your most important people quickly, Add your important contacts to the home screen, Set a ringtone for a contact, Add a picture for a contact, Send your contact information using My Card, Create a contact group, Send a message to a group of people, Copy contacts from the SIM card to your phone, Back up your contacts to Nokia services.
  • Messaging
    About Messaging, Send a message, Send a message to a contact, Send an audio message, Read a received message, View a conversation, Listen to a text message, Change the language.
  • Mail
    About Mail, Get a free mail account from Nokia, About Exchange ActiveSync, Add a mailbox, Read a received mail, Send a mail, Respond to a meeting request, Open mail from the home screen.
  • Internet
    About the web browser, Browse the web, Add a bookmark, Subscribe to a web feed.
  • Social networks
    See your friends' status updates in one view, Post your status to social networking services, Link your online friends to their contact information, See your friends' status updates on the home screen, Upload a picture or video to a service, Share your location in your status update, Contact a friend from a social networking service, Add an event to your phone calendar.
  • Camera
    About the camera, Take a picture, Save location information to your pictures and videos, Record a video, Picture, and video tips, Send a picture or video, Share a picture or video directly from the camera.
  • Your pictures and videos
    Gallery, Edit the pictures you have taken, Video editor, Print a picture you have taken.
  • Videos and TV
  • Music and audio
    Music player, About Nokia Music, Protected content, Record sounds FM radio.
  • Maps
    Navigate to a destination, My position, Search, Favourites, Check-in, Drive, and Walk, Give feedback on Maps
  • Time management
    Clock, Calendar
  • Office
    Quickoffice, Use the calculator, Make a shopping list, Translate words, Open or create zip files
  • Phone management
    Keep your phone software and applications up to date, Manage files, Free up phone memory, Manage applications, Synchronise content, Copy contacts or pictures between phones, Protect your phone, Prepare your phone for recycling.
  • Connectivity
    Internet connections, Wireless LAN, VPN connections, Close a network connection, Bluetooth, USB data cable.
  • Find more help
  • Access codes
  • Protect the environment
  • Product and safety information

Download Nokia 500 User Manual

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