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Samsung Galaxy Nexus User Manual | Samsung showed off models of Galaxy Nexus, the first smartphone using the Android 4.0 already known Ice Cream Sandwich. Samsung Galaxy Nexus forms similar to Nexus S display with a curved so that more flexible rules on hand following the curve of the human body. Although similar to its predecessor, the form factor of Galaxy Nexus a bit thinner (8, 94 mm) and slightly heavier (135 grams). To the front of a black-colored difference is in the capacitive lost at all because interfaces of Ice Cream Sandwich itself that requires no physical buttons.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus provided with the hardware high specifications such as processor, dual core, 2 GHz and 1 graphics chip PowerVR SGX542MP2, just like the iPad and iPhone 2 4S, as well as having a Super AMOLED screen 4.65 inches with HD quality, 1280 x 720 resolution. Precedes its competitors, Samsung Galaxy Nexus already provided connections of LTE (Long Term Evolution) which is a fourth-generation cellular network standard or 4 g in addition to HSPA +.

Resolution of the camera is still the same with Nexus S is up to 5 megapixel camera. Its features include flash, white balance, exposure, scene mode, location and resolution. There is a decent resolution panorama feature (3814x652 pixels). It is a bit simple and its features than the standard kind of Android Galaxy S II for example. But what about results? And especially the performances as well as a very fast speed camera certainly become an attraction unto itself. Although the quality of the camera is not the best on the market today, Samsung claims to have used the technology of zero lag so that images that shutter resulting in conjunction with the taking of key is pressed.

As an Android Smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has the look and some new features to be proud like Face Unlock and camera speed is exceptional for example. Among the fresh new faces guaranteed to make You are already bored with the interfaces of Android in general became interested again to use Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwichnya. Plus all that show up in a Super AMOLED screen HD high-resolution and large-sized. However, there are still shortcomings in areas such as video playback as well as the results of the camera.

If you're looking for Samsung Galaxy Nexus Manual here is where you can view or download, this user manual contains instruction and reference information for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone, it gives the system and peripheral specifications, shows how to identify and solve system problems and explains the instructions procedure for maintenance troubleshooting and how to operate phone properly.

Table content
  • get started
  • make yourself at home
  • try some apps
  • tune performance
  • learn the phone app
  • enter and edit text
  • connect to network and devices
  • search by text and voice
  • manage accounts
  • secure your phone
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