This  2006 APRILIA RS 125 service manual is divided into sections and subsections, each covering a larger set of components. Consult the section index when consulting the manual. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the assemblies are gathered by reversing the disassembly procedure. The left and right terms are aimed at the driver sitting in the normal driving position on the vehicle. Motorcycle operation and basic maintenance are dealt with in the owner's manual. If it is necessary to perform certain operations with the vehicle, be sure to work outdoors or in a well-ventilated room. Avoid placing the motor inside. In case you work inside, use an exhaust system.
Exhaust gasses contain carbon monoxide, which is extremely toxic by inhalation and can result in loss of consciousness or even lead to death. Fuel used in internal combustion engines is highly flammable and may become explosive under special conditions. Refueling service and the engine should take place in a well-ventilated area, with the engine stationary. Do not smoke while refueling or near sources of vapors, avoid flames, sparks and any elements that could ignite the fuel or cause explosions.  The engine and exhaust system components become very hot and remain hot for some time after the engine has been stopped. Before handling these components, wear insulating gloves or wait for the engine and exhaust system to cool down.

Wear latex gloves when servicing  2006 APRILIA RS 125. Gear fluid can cause severe skin damage if treated daily and for long periods of time. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling the gear fluid. Bring it to the gas station where you usually buy it or at an oil recovery center. Wear latex gloves when servicing  2006 APRILIA RS 125. When handling brake fluid, take care not to spread on plastic, rubber or painted parts, as it can damage the brake fluid. When performing maintenance on the brake system, use a clean cloth to cover these parts. Always wear safety glasses when working on the brake system. Brake fluid is very irritating. Avoid contact with eyes. If the brake fluid comes in contact with your eyes, wash them thoroughly with clean water and see a doctor immediately.

Take care not to spill coolant on hot engine parts and exhaust system. It can ignite and produce invisible flames. Wear latex gloves when servicing  2006 APRILIA RS 125. Although toxic, it has a sweet taste that may attract animals. Never leave coolant in the open container or in a position easily accessible by the animals. The electrolyte of the battery is a toxic, caustic substance containing sulfuric acid and therefore capable of causing severe burns in case of contact with the skin. Always wear waterproof gloves and protective clothing when handling this liquid. In the case of skin contact, rinse thoroughly with fresh water. Always use eye protection, as even a very small amount of fluid can cause blindness. In the case of eye contact, wash thoroughly with water for fifteen minutes and then consult an ophthalmologist immediately. You should accidentally drink some fluids, drink abundantly with water or milk, then drink the milk of magnesia or vegetable oil and consult a doctor immediately. The battery is explosive and must be kept away from flames and sources of ignition and heat; Do not smoke near the battery.

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