This service guide contains reference information for the Acer Extensa 450 notebook computer. It gives the system and peripheral specifications, shows how to identify and solve system problems and explains the procedure for removing and replacing system components. It also gives information for ordering spare parts.

This service guide aims to furnish technical information to the service engineers and advanced users when upgrading, configuring, or repairing the Acer Extensa 450 notebook.

Acer Extensa 450 Service manual contents
  • General Description
    Introduction | Product Models | International Product Versions | Product Overview | External Ports | Touchpad Pointing Device | Keyboard | Standard Power Features | Wireless Connection With Serial Infrared Port | Notebook Expansion Capabilities | Standard Test Features | Notebook Assemblies and Subassemblies | Cover-Display Assembly | System Base Assembly | Extensa 450 Series Notebook Specifications | Agency Approvals
  • Installation
    Introduction | Unpacking Instructions | Installing Notebook Options | Installing Dual Inline Memory Module(s) | Installing PCMCIA Options | Installing the Port Adapter | Installing the Optional Numeric Keypad | Installing the Battery Pack(s ) | Installing External Devices | Installing an External Keyboard/Mouse | Installing External Parallel Printer | Installing External Serial Port Device | Installing External VGA Monitor | Installing SIR Devices | Installing the AC Power Adapter | Initial System Checkout | Configuring the System | Making Backups of System Software | Loading Application Software
  • Operating Instructions
    Introduction | Notebook Controls and Indicators | LCD Brightness Control | Button Switches | Cover Release Latch | Touch Pad Controls | Keyboard Mode LEDs | Operating Procedures | Floppy Drive Operating Procedures | Installing/Removing PCMCIA Options | Computer Hot Keys | Responding to Low Battery Conditions | Minimizing Power Usage | Recharging the Battery Packs | Restoring Missing System Files | Rebuilding the System Software
  • Theory of Operation
    Introduction | Notebook Functional Description | Processor/Memory Subsystems | I/O Subsystem | Video Subsystem | Hard Disk Subsystem | Floppy Diskette Drive Subsystem | PCMCIA Subsystem | Power Subsystem
  • Troubleshooting Procedures
    General | Overview of Fault Isolation Process | Troubleshooting Procedures | Troubleshooting a Power Supply Problem | Troubleshooting a Display Problem | Fault Isolation Using Selftest | PCMCIA Modem Problems | Fault Isolation Using Diagnostics
  • Field Service
    Introduction | Preventive Maintenance | Cleaning the Computer | Protecting the Disk Drives | Handling the Computer Battery Pack | Restoring System Software | Required Tools and Equipment | Notebook Field-Replaceable Parts and Assemblies | Cover-Display Assembly | System Base Assembly | FRU Removal and Replacement Procedures | Removing/Replacing the Notebook Battery Pack | Removing/Replacing PCMCIA Options | Removing/Replacing the Floppy Drive | Removing/Replacing the Hard Drive | Removing/Replacing the Keyboard Assembly | Removing/Replacing the Heat Sink | Removing/Replacing Memory Modules (DIMMS) | Removing and Replacing the Cover-Display Assembly | Removing and Replacing the Inverter Board | Opening/Replacing the Top Case Assembly | Removing/Replacing the Touch Pad Assembly | Removing/Replacing the SIR Board | Removing/Replacing the Primary Battery Board | Removing/Replacing Power Supply Board | Removing/Replacing the Memory Board | Removing/Replacing the Main Board | Removing/Replacing the Secondary Battery Board
  • Appendix A Self-Test Error Messages
  • Appendix B Connector Pinouts
  • Appendix C PC-Doctor Diagnostics

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