HTC Snap Manual User Guide

HTC Snap Manual | Here again we see the platform from Qualcomm with 528-MHz processor. Her performance is often not enough to view high-definition video on the new WVGA-communicators, but in the case of Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard platform and QVGA displays amazing speed - and it can be seen without any tests, just the naked eye. The response to any action (whether in moving through the menus, contacts, scrolling text, web-pages) is just an instant. It is safe to say that the HTC Snap - one of the most (if not most) productive smartphones on the market, not only among the devices based on Windows Mobile.

If you compare the HTC Snap, for example, with the latest Palm Treo, then catches the eye is one fundamental difference. In the Palm device screen square (320 x 320 pixels), it takes half the space front, which is why the size of the keys on the QWERTY-keyboard are rather small. Working with her is not too convenient. In new HTC screen is usual QVGA-resolution and is positioned horizontally, allowing designers to allocate more space under the keyboard.

Table contents of HTC Snap Manual Introduction getting started device basics htc home contacts calender tools camera and multimedia bluetooth microsd card managing your device synchronizing with your computer sprint service entertainment tv and music gps navigation safety regulatory and warranty information. Download HTC Snap Manual here

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