Sanyo Zio Manual User Guide

Sanyo Zio Manual | Smartphone Dimensions: twelve for six and a half to one centimeter, the weight of a hundred and five grams. It is made entirely of plastic, but the rounded edges and a handy battery cover makes the device pleasant to hold in his hands when talking. four-inch touchscreen display has a resolution four hundred and eighty - eight hundred on-pixels. This is probably the best option for the gadget-Android. Beautiful plastic covering the display rather thick, and the screen responds to finger touching a slight delay. Gadget Kyocera and to date not added automatically dimming the display or lighting, but if you set the screen brightness manually, then it may well look stylish. The joystick is basically useless, but it is. In occasional cases, it will help you get rid of touching the display. Dialing, as well as messages rather unpleasant, "thanks to" a small delay.

Zio device is a 2-band EV-DO Rev 0 (eight fifty-one thousand nine hundred megahertz) machine, which provides a good (but not the best) the speed of 3G. Level of voice mixed. Callers are heard through the headset rather badly. But that's Voice over standard microphone is pretty good.

Table contents of Sanyo Zio Manual Introduction your devices menu getting started setting up service phone settings synchronizing accounts search setting messaging security application privacy accessibility calender and tools voice service microsd card camera bluetooth sprint service wifi using the android market creating a google account entertainment tv and music gps navigation safety and warranty information. Download Sanyo Zio Manual here

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