Apple iPod Touch 4G Manual User Guide

Apple iPod Touch 4G Manual | A new generation of player iPod touch, as opposed to iPod nano 6G, There were no major changes, but the differences are still there, and they are not so little: little has changed design, there was a pair of cameras (front and rear basic) increased display resolution, moreover, claims to much longer battery life. In general, the changes are not global, but pleasant. Delivery standard for players Apple: headphones, sync cable and a brief instruction. But the clear plexiglass box is a little different - if in the case of third-generation player clamped plastic membrane, then in case it attracted new adhesive strips, which looks a little more aesthetically pleasing. However, the value of the player is not in the box.

iPod touch 4G is similar to the iPhone 4 is almost like two peas in a pod, but it differs from the "apple" phone, and from the previous generation of players. For a start it is worth noting a decrease of 1.3 mm thickness of the device, which is already small. Therefore, the player is invisible in a pants pocket or breast pocket of his shirt. In addition, the new iPod touch has become easier to 15g - like a trifle, but it's almost 15% less than the previous model. Materials used and the colors remain the same - in front glossy display with a black border, and the rear - polished aluminum with mirror finish. The front surface is covered with fingerprints quickly, but reluctantly scratched, but the backside is not enough that collects fingerprints, so also scratched from an astronomical rate.

Table contents of Apple iPod Touch 4G manual iPod touch at a Glance Getting Started Basics Syncing and File Sharing Music and Videos FaceTime Camera Photos Game Center Mail Safari Calendar YouTube Stocks Maps Weather Notes Clock Calculator Voice memos iTunes Store App Store Settings Contacts Nike + iPod iBooks Accesibility Support and Other Information. Download HTC Touch Diamond Manual here

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