Garmin Asus A10 User Manual

Garmin Asus A10 Manual | Without a GPS-module to provide a modern smartphone is hard. However, models that fully satisfy all the requirements of both automotive and pedestrian navigation on the market properly and some do not. It is therefore sensible idea to cross a good smartphone with a good navigator in the last year came from companies Garmin and ASUS. Following WMCommunicator M10 was released AndroidSmartphone called A10Which, like the previous model alliance, not only perfect for the role of the car, but the pedestrian navigator.

The back side of the case is made from a material soft-touch, which is famous not only for its non-marking surface, but the fact that almost no scratches or fingerprints zalyapyvaetsya. In addition, it is pleasant to the touch and slip: even adding pedestrian navigation and walking with him in the hand of the city, accidentally dropped his. On the back of the case is a loud speaker, which capacity is more than enough for listening to voice prompts while driving a car. Ibid --Megapixel camera.

Table contents of Garmin Asus A10 Manual Introduction Getting Started Getting to Know Your Device Using the Phone Managing for Locations Following Your Route; About the Map Using the Map About Usage Modes Navigating in Driving Mode About Traffic Navigating in Walking Mode Taking a Detour Stopping the Route Working with the Routes Viewing Your Trip Log, Sending and Receiving Messages Using Ciao! Browsing the Web Playing Music Taking and Viewing Pictures and Videos Organizing Your Life; Using the Calendar Viewing a Document Checking the Weather Forecast Using the Clock Using the Converter Checking Flight Status Finding Movie Times, Connecting with Other Devices; Synch with Computer Synchronizing with Exchange Server Sync with Google Account Using Bluetooth Technology Transferring Files About Wi-Fi, Customizing Your Device; Wireless Manager Audio Settings Display Settings Phone Settings Home Screen Navigation Settings Email Account Settings Contacts Settings Calendar Settings Messaging Settings Browser Settings Quick Search Settings Managing Applications Accounts and Sync Settings Security and Location Settings Changing the Text Language Keyboard Settings Date and Time Settings Units Settings Privacy Settings Claering All User Data Changing the Storage Settings Viewing Software Information. Download Garmin Asus A10 Manual here

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