Nikon D100 Manual User Guide

Nikon D100 Manual | Nikon offers its customers an incredible camera with a long-awaited 6 megapiselami - D100. All those who enjoyed the film cameras Nikon N80 or F100 will feel confident with the D100, which repeats the design and their best features - such as pyatizonnaya autofocus system, 10-segment metering and TTL Multisensor. For a digital SLR D100 surprisingly lightweight - only 700 grams.

Setting up the camera is carried out using the disc to the left of the viewfinder, which is determined by Exposure modes (auto, shutter priority, aperture priority, manual). With the same drive set up four items taken: sensor sensitivity, white balance, quality and size of images and auto-focus mode. The only drawback of this approach - after setting the desired parameter should be set to drive one way of working out the exposure. Parameter values, as usual, vary with the disc on the handle under the thumb and index fingers of his right arm, just above the disc is the shutter release, combined with the on / off switch. camera. Switch under the mode dial lets you set exposure mining survey type: Single, Continuous, with a timer. A few more buttons and switches on the case allow you to set exposure compensation, bracketing turn, choose the flash and set the flash output, choose the metering method.

Table contents of Nikon D100 manual Overview getting to know the camera first steps basic photograpy basic playback choosing a shooting mode image quality and size sensitivity iso equivalency white balance image adjustment focus exposure flash photograpy self timer mode more about playback menu guide connections technical notes. Download Nikon D100 Manual here

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