Olympus E-PL2 Manual User Guide

Olympus E-PL2 Manual | The line of cameras Olympus PEN - one of the most intensive among all mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses, but the differences between the models is so small, that an inexperienced user will not immediately notice them. From high-end E-PL1 outwardly distinguished only cheaper housing but the presence of built-in flash. E-PL2 become a kind of hybrid E-P2 and E-PL1Because it has a built-in flash, like the E-PL1, but at the same time, body design and new controls like the E-P2, and even a functional and configuration, trimmed to E-PL1, in E-PL2 available. In general, once we can say that no major changes there, but still wondering how the camera will show itself in action.

In principle, all cameras PEN series are very similar and confusing them with other members of the "mirrorless" class is almost impossible. Yet the differences between them are, and very significant. In particular, the first version of the Reduced PEN, model E-PL1, looked much easier and does not resemble a series of PEN chamber 50s of last century, and in general looked like a bulky old CD. In the new model, E-PL2, replacing sharp corners and ledges came flowing lines and curves, as in the upper chamber of E-P2, and the front panel has a metal, so the camera looks much more interesting. Moreover, the control buttons on the back side have been changed in the style of E-P1/E-P2.

Table contents of Olympus E-PL2 manual iBasic guide quick task index basic photography other shooting options flash shooting shooting and viewing movies playback options sending and receiving images using olympus viewer printing pictures camera setup customizing camera settings information safety precautions. Download Olympus E-PL2 Manual here

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