Acer beTouch E400 User Manual

Acer beTouch E400 Manual | The smartphone is not so unusual in appearance as the flagship device, in this case we see a moderate, to some extent conservative design. In the test sample taken part with a removable black rear panel, it is expected that it will be available but other options are available: white and red.

The smartphone has a size of 115 x 59.3 x 12 mm, weight - 125 gr. Size medium, medium-sized machine and will come in handy in everyday use - it is thin enough not to stick out of his pocket, but at the same time and in his hand to keep it nice, nice materials used.

Table contents of Acer beTouch E400 Manual End User License Agreement GEtting to Know your Smartphone Setting Up Using Your Smartphone Managing Contacts Making Calls Messaging Going Online; Browsing the internet Setting up your Google Email Composing an Email Setting Up Email Online Applications Using Your Smartphone as a modem, Using the Camera; Camera Icons and Indicators Taking a Photo Shooting a Video Viewing Photos and Videos, Advanced Settings; Acer Settings Putting Smartphone in Airplane mode Phone settings Connecting to a PC Multimedia Playback Resetting Your Smartphone, Accessories and Tips; Using the headset Using a bluetooth headset Inserting a microSD Card, Appendix; FAQ and troubleshooting Other sources of help Warnings and Precautions Emergency calls Disposal and Recycling Information Taking care of Your smartphone Specifications Regulatory Information. Download Acer beTouch E400 Manual here

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